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She heard him bid her good night from the doorway around the corner.

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Mary shut the door and then plopped into a chair not far from her. All four ladies ruptured in laughter falling about the room into one another. Dean had made it but fifty steps down the hall towards the stairs before realizing he was holding his breath still. Dean laid his forearm to the wall and let his head rest on it for a moment. What were you thinking? Beautiful bare breasts. Perfect round bottom.

And that smile…damn it! He squeezed his eyes shut. His head rocked slightly back and forth on his arm still to the wall. Dean lifted his head and slowly turned it towards the voice to his right. You see, I was making my way up the stairs and could not help but agree with what you were saying. Dean gazed at his big smirk. He was every bit you might think a butler to look like but not in the least bit bred to be one. Everyone else is up on this floor and I was getting lonesome. That's not even her real name. What is it about her that has me concerend and frustrated angry at the same time?

Dean lifted his head off his arm resting it on the wall. Each hand lay on either side of his head. Plaster bits fell to the floor around his boots. He pushed himself off the wall and walked towards the stairs. Kit tossed and turned in the bed within the silk crimson sheets.

All the ruckus down. Foolish girl after all these years hiding in dark places for the right moments to present themselves you are still scared of the quietness of night wrapped in shadows. The flame danced about gently. First in the carriage and then when my towel slipped. The memory of his intense stare lingered within her. And with that last thought on her mind she drifted off to sleep. The following morning Dean arose and dressed. He had wrote Martin a note about the eviction of Kit, well a request if you will of her being kicked out, and slipped it under his door.

Regardless of his firm decision he did not sleep well at all that night. Imagines of her possibly being hurt after him turning her out in the streets plagued him, along with her naked body and that damn sexy smile of hers. Making his way downstairs there was an unusual cheerful buzz of activity coming from the breakfast room this morning. Dean entered to find most of his staff seated with Lady Kit.

All of whom were engrossed in banter about the latest locally London gossip. Dean cleared his throat and to his disappoint no one took note of him standing there. He felt his jaw clench as he walked over and took a plate and served himself up breakfast. As Dean turned back around his eyes locked with hers. There it was. That sweet sexy innocent smile that kept him from sleep the night before. She is an entire table length away but she might as well be two steps away.

I remember that smile staring up at me. Warm kissable smile. Martin turned and looked at him. Martin looked over to Kit. Martin leaned into Dean. The room simmered down and all eyes were on Martin and Dean at the head of the table. He watched her rise to her feet. He was positive his eggs were cold. This could not have played out better but why do I feel like shit? Why the bloody hell is she refusing my offer? Warm bed to sleep in. Food on the table whenever she pleases. Safe from Grant. Kit did her best to cheer up the ladies that seemed to appear dismayed by her decision to leave.

If Kit was honest with herself she would admit she was distraught with her snap replay to his offer. She allowed her gaze to travel down the table towards him and he was looking at her. She smiled slightly at him and he had no reaction to it. Perhaps I should thank him and give him a reason for me decision. Kit turned away with a nervous concern and bit up her bottom lip. His breakfast was swimming in coffee. Kit could not help but giggle slightly to herself and it showed in her big tickled smile. The ladies began clearing the table and Dean poured another cup of coffee and began walking towards Kit.

Her body stilled as he drew closer. This was an unfamiliar feeling. One she had only felt once before. Dean pulled out the chair next to her and sat down. Kit picked up a spoon and gracefully stirred her tea. As much as I appreciate your well intentions I can assure you I am perfectly able to care for my own safety, Lord Fallon, thank you. Kit stared at his lips as he spoke.

The tone of his voice did something to her. Kit jumped up and Dean grabbed her arm. Kit stared at the now empty doorway in disbelief. I cannot be sent back. Where is he taking me? Without another word he rushed Kit up the stairs and down the hall. Dean turned the knob and pushed the door. His face made contact with nothing but solid wood. Kit watched him repeatedly throw his body against the door. Margret peered around the corner and told Kit they were on the second floor and making their way up after checking every room. With a loud thud finally it released and Dean stumbled into the room.

He raffled through a chest and then a wardrobe closet. Kit stood watching him with confusion. Put the bloody thing on! This is madness! What is thinking? Kit took a deep breath and began to remove her clothing. Seeing you naked and now touching you is not what I had planned. A rush of cold air smothered her all the way down to the back of her thighs. Kit gasped as her clothing slipped away from her body. With shaking hands Kit took the uniform from the bed and started to step into it. He stilled himself and heard it too. Kit held the uniform around her waist tightly and gazed at Dean over her shoulder.

She was horrified to see him undressing.

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His coat fell to the floor. He took a hold of his shirt and tore it open sending buttons flying about the room. He unfastened his breaches and grabbed Kit pulling her into his arms. There they stood. Flesh to flesh in the sunlight coming through the window. For a moment Kit was motionless.

She gazed up into his brilliant bright green eyes. Her body spun around as he turned her. His eyes never left hers. Reaching up he brushed away a curl that fell across her check touching her lips. He gazed at her with an intense loving compassionate look as he laid her gently to the bed. Her body was limp and trembling in his arms. Kit leaned upward wrapping her arms around him and softly kissed him. She felt one of his hands slide up into her hair. The other trailed down her outer thigh. Grasping her behind the knee he pulled her leg up and as he did he depend their kiss.

She squeezed at his shoulders. He lifted her further up onto the bed. His lips glided down her neck. Kit at that moment forgot where she was and why. A kiss has never felt so good before. He is soft and slow and so penetrating. The smell of her skin was driving him mad. His tongue slid across the top of her cleavage and all he heard was Kit gasp as he did. Her body arched up towards him and Dean pushed his body tightly between her legs. Hold off and do not go any further with her.

My god she is wet. Dean caressed the top of her thigh with his fingertips. His mouth covered one of her breasts without thought and Kit whimpered out a womanly cry. His hand slid inward from her outer thigh. Oh god this feels good. He feels good. What is he waiting for? I want to feel him in me. I need him to kiss me again. He's so beautiful and strong I could remain in his arms forever. What am I saying? His fingers reached down further and her moist silky skin begged him to push in.

Her eyes met his. They were glazed and wild with despite longing for him to move inside her. He watched her lips part open and she kissed him hard with a forceful desire.

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Kit moaned something through their kiss. Dean pulled back slightly. Dean froze for a moment than turned towards the voice only because it was followed by a loud shirk of sorts. Kit in that instant realized where she was. He had affected her every thought with one simple kiss. Reckless, silly, stupidity she had never allowed to happen before. He shut the door and waited in the hall. He was winded and still consumed with the passionate emotions from just seconds earlier.

He lifted his head to see Kit laying beneath him with her eyes shut. Her eyes fluttered open. He lifted his body from hers and held out his hand to her. She glanced up to him and he was again gazing at her eyes. She smiled a small thanks to his offer for aid. Prepare yourself. The officer has to believe you are just the hired help. Dean chuckled as he pulled his shirt on. Kit giggled quietly. If she had just said his name she would've felt the pleasure she so desperately wanted.

Kit reached into her pocket and pulled out a small glass bottle. Before Dean could object she was dabbing the corners of her eyes with drops of it. Dean lifted her chin and wiped her with his shirt. He walked over to the door and Kit ran up to him taking hold of his arm. He smiled at her and opened the door. Margret rushed past him and played the part of angry head maid.

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Dean faced the officer with a cross stare than asked him what he wanted. The officer shook his head in understanding. Dean ran his hand through his hair and let out a deep breath. Roundish face and dark blond hair color. The officer smiled at him. Kit was sitting on the bed shaking and continually nodding her head yes.

Margret was pacing in front of her and still shouting. The officer looked back to Dean. Again my apologies Lord Falon for the misunderstanding. Dean patted him on the back as he walked forward. Best of luck in your search and stay safe. The man turned and nodded. Good day to you. Dean entered the room and walked over to the window. Do I apologize for what I had not planned to do and how this played out? After all it was for her benefit. I just wish I had been in control of myself. Dean just stared out at the grounds for a while. How the hell did I not hear them enter the room?

She was never that relaxed before. Kit was infinitely guarded in the past with walls as high as the tallest towers in London. Unmoving in her regard to feeling vulnerable with passion.

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  • Dean shook his head yes. Dean looked about the room and she was gone. He stormed past Margret then stopped in the doorway. There was no answer. Dean knocked again with more force this time. Oh the hell with this. Dean slowly opened the door to an empty room.

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    He felt his pulse begin to quicken. He found himself fleeing towards the stairs shouting for Martin. Dean rush to the front door and threw it open. Lady Kit did thank me for everything and expressed how kind the staff is. Dean stepped out onto the gray stone steps studding over the landscape. Martin laughed. The two women gasped. We must find Margret at once. I believe it is time for our lunch break, Martin.

    I would like a nice cup of hot tea. Martin huffed as he watched Dean kick up a dust cloud charging his steed down the long drive toward the rode. Kit was running. Not literally but metaphorically.

    Running from feelings, from attachment, and most of all from him. It was the code she vowed to herself. A safeguard if you will. This whole thing is stupid. Especially not from De-…Lord Fallon. Kit stopped and glanced around. She had made it down the road from the estate. Fanning herself about the face she winced at the dry dirt road ahead.

    A long sigh fled her. Kit took hold of her back and moved forward. Happy ever after…ha! I was delusional to think I could have any kind of a normal happy life.

    Once upon a time belongs in fairy tales. Besides he is foolish to trust me. By me leaving I am simply saving him the misfortune of me doing what I do best. Seduce and deceive and leave. Dean booted his stead to speed up. The over grown tree lined dirt road leading to his estate seemed to him to never stop. His stance on top of that mighty stallion could be seen as nothing other than powerful. A facade that demonstrated a commanding, undomesticated, masculine and all heroic intent. There you are! Kit heard the faint sound of hooves pouncing against the ground. Her gaze flew to the road before her.

    Where is that coming from? Glancing over her shoulder she saw a man storming towards her like a wild boar. She had nowhere to hide. He had already seen her. Kit ran for the first tree beside the road. Throwing her bad in the thick brush she did the only thing any delicate civil minded woman would do, she climbed it. Upon reaching the top she glanced down. Hard huffing of her breath was hindering her hearing not to mention the out of control batter of her own heartbeat in her ears. Trying to swallow she couched. Between the dust and dry mouth she had little to no saliva.

    Perhaps he has pasted. I could not be so lucky as to him not seeing me walking along the road…could I? Kit rested her spinning head to the bark. Calm down. Clearly I may have over reacted. After a few minutes Kit lifted her head up looking for an evidence of a horse of man on the road. Everything began to spin again. Kit squealed a sort lady noise. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut.

    Dean heard it. Opening her eyes she glanced forward. Everything seemed to begin to turn sideways. Dean walked out from the thick trunk underneath her where he was leaning. I came to find you to convince you to return to the estate. Kit was silent and still breathing heavy. He set his hands on his hips letting all his weight rest on his left leg. I was concerned about you wandering alone out here.

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    He threw his hands up and strode off toward the road. She opened her eyes again. Go away spots. Clearly I was mistaken. Dean shook his head as he huffed. You do realize you are a wanted woman and are most likely facing life in prison if not worse. Kit moved her head and tried to look at him. All Dean heard was a scream of terror before her body slipped from the limb. Oh Christ! Dean leaped forward and her body fell past him just out of reach from his fingertips.

    His body skidded to her side. Are you alright? Come on Kit wake up. Kit felt his fingers brush away the hair from her face. She let out a moan. He watched her eyes flutter and gaze up to him. Dean glanced up at the limb. Her surprised tone caused Dean to chuckle a little. Dean reached out to help her. Brushing the twigs and leaves off her dress she watched Dean walking in circles around her.

    What are you doing? Dean paused and gazed at her. Clearly I am fine. Dean could not help himself. He burst forth in roaring laughter. Kit located her bag and as she stood back up with it in hand she turned to him quickly. Dean grabbed her as she fell backward. Dean sat with Kit in his arms keeping the horse at a fast walk. He noticed she was not a normal color and she was moving in and out of consciousness. Upon arriving back at the estate Dean kicked the double wooden doors with his foot.

    Martin opened the door ready to give whoever was kicking his door a good talking to. He carried her up to her chambers and laid her on the bed. Beatrice and Margret trailed after him. A cork she has. Making his way down stairs he overheard Margret and Mary whispering. I mean he is so…and she is just-. There is no doubt she can and has. She gave her a wink. Dean rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself. Flowers really Mary?

    Margret must have been apparently thinking the same thing because they started bickering in a loud whisper. They paused as Dean passed them. I managed to make it through the morning and part of the afternoon without running from the house pulling my hair out and screaming incoherent things. He walked around the bar top and poured a small snip of scotch then walked it over to the large picture window. Oh bloody hell. I confronted her about earlier. Dean rested his arm on the window frame above his head. He shook his head. Pft…sure that lucky right? Dean gazed out at the line of trees hugging the long drive away from his house leading to the main road.

    Lit stared down at the cup in her hand. Tiny pink roses decorated the cup just under the rim. His words from earlier repeated ruthlessly in her head. I was not prepared for him to launch an interrogation on me and I should have been. He did it without little reservation.

    Nothing happened other than a kiss. He threw himself at me and…and seduced me. That rake! After dressing she flung open the door and marched towards the stairs. He was still located at the window. Tall muscular frame positioned in such a way that it caused her breath to catch.

    His longer than fashioned hair brushed back by what she assumed was his hands running through it. He turned his head in her direction but his stance remained. Luminous emerald eyes regarded her without a hint of concealment as to what was on his mind, so she thought. A lump formed in her throat.

    An attempt to clear her throat was made as she shied away from him. Dean walked past her to the bar. A lofty glass of water was poured for her. Without eye contact she picked it up and placed it to her lips. Dean made his way back over to the window. Get a grip. He is just a man nothing more. It was torn and showing a chiseled torso that beckoned to be touched. She stole a glance at him from over the rim of her glass and he was starring right at her with piercing eyes.

    Alright, just put down the glass and say what you have to say to him than exit the room. Yes okay. What am I going to say. With his gaze still on her she placed the glass to the bar top and wiped the corners of her mouth with her index finger and thumb. Sucked her lips in to dry them off and puckered them. Kit looked straight at him and realized after a moment she was starring as she licked her lips. Men have pounced for far less than full red lips.

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    Others are read-only, although a number of those take submissions. Look for popular subjects, particular kinks and how they are handled, length of stories, POV most successful erotica is written from the female point of view , and helpful hints about making money from your own work. Okay, okay, we're talking about writing erotica here. Get smart about what's selling and how to monetize your assets into a part-time, or even a full-time, business. Those would be literary assets. Writing and self-publishing erotica on the Internet can be a lucrative gig - if you're nimble and good at responding to a rapidly changing market.

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    Group 11 Created with Sketch. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Email Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. In honor of National Masturbation Month, here are ten great reasons that masturbation should be an essential part of your wellness and self-care routine : 1.

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