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Another article, about university policy towards female students who became pregnant, was spiked.

Should the church be a radical voice in politics? | World news | The Guardian

So he was surprised and delighted to be chosen as editor-in-chief of the Liberty Champion for the current academic year. Cyd Cowgill, the pastor of First Christian church, a progressive, inclusive church a few miles from campus, said there were about 20 Liberty students in her congregation of about Students were given a list of churches they were encouraged to attend, she said. Falwell was seen as the public face of Liberty and the Thomas Road Baptist church. Christianity is loving and inclusive and compassionate.

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Toxic Christianity is anti-Christianity to me. Back on campus, Falwell made time in his schedule to meet the Guardian in his office overlooking the campus. Casually dressed in a pink polo shirt, he was affable, voluble and proud of his achievements at Liberty. Almost half a century on, it also appears to be training champions for Trump. Panyard said he was now focused on finishing his degree.

Russian Orthodox Americans Support Church Tradition Not Politics

Did he regret coming to Liberty? Our faith teaches us to be ministers of reconciliation 2 Corinthians That is why we urge President-Elect Donald Trump, who has said he shares our Christian faith, to take seriously his responsibility to bring our nation together and to heed the oath he will take to preserve, protect and defend America.

Why do US evangelicals support Trump? They’re giving Christianity a bad name

He can start this work before the oath of office is taken with his policy agenda and political appointments. Together, we represent millions of Christians in the U.

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We have grave concerns about a proposed policy agenda that, if enacted, would put the most vulnerable among us in jeopardy. Throughout Christian scriptures, we are instructed to care for the poor and the most vulnerable.

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The Affordable Care Act, including Medicaid expansion, has given more than 30 million people access to affordable health coverage. It was a simple but compelling explanation. For one thing, the timing made sense. In the s, white evangelical Protestants were becoming more politically powerful and visible within conservative politics.

Why millennials are really leaving religion (it’s not just politics, folks)

But within the past few years, Margolis and several other prominent political scientists have concluded that politics is a driving factor behind the rise of the religiously unaffiliated. Other research showed that the blend of religious activism and Republican politics likely played a significant role in increasing the number of religiously unaffiliated people.

One study, for instance, found that something as simple as reading a news story about a Republican who spoke in a church could actually prompt some Democrats to say they were nonreligious.

go here But the numbers began to add up, opening a rift between conservatives and liberals. As a result, views about religion and its role in American society have become increasingly polarized. According to surveys by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of liberals who believe that churches and religious organizations positively contribute to society dropped from nearly half 49 percent in to only one-third 33 percent today.

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  • And according to data from the Voter Study Group, only 11 percent of people who are very liberal say that being Christian is at least fairly important to what it means to be American — compared to 69 percent of people who identify as very conservative. And although the people who have left religion could return, it seems more and more unlikely. For one thing, conservative Christians are still a key part of the Republican coalition , where their agenda on issues like abortion and religious exemptions remains a high political priority within the party.