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It's just that when I was kicked, Chris sent my luggage to my home, and my swimsuit was there, and I wasn't able to take it when he forced me to come back as an intern. It was so funny! It's strange, because after comming here, I couldn't enjoy any phisycall activity! It must be Dawn Max is eating breakfast at the living room when Jasmine appears:. Jasmine : Ok, Ugly Koala! Max : How dare you, stinky bad person! I've been creating a frozing gun! Now I will trap you in an ice block! Jasmine : You're pathetic! You have been lucky that we have been winning almost all of the challenges!

Dave : Now that we are alone: What were you reffering when you asked Sky if she could give you a spell to use in some people? Dave : Hmmm, that's really mysterious An oil lamp?! In the middle of the forest?! What a waste of Chris McGenie : I don't know who Chris is, master, but I'm here to make your three most dreamed wishes come true. It can be anything excepting Killing, resurecting or making someone love you. Dave : Hmmmm!

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I'll try to do this, if it's not a joke. I wish you show me what is happening to me and Cody and get rid of that problem! The genie makes a screen appear. Dave : WHAT?! Dave : I wish that all the times Sky competes in a game, a contest or a challenge, she NEVER wins, just comes in third or second place and not being able to remove this wish even with her spell book!

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Gwen : TD's season! I swear to never compete here again! Oh, McLean! When I find you, it will be Bloodbath 3! Somebody here is playing with magic too! Chris : using the megaphone : Attention campers! I want you all to meet me near the left side of the "Brave River". It's challenge time!!! Chris : Shut up until I end! Anyways, the challenge is a race to get an egg that contains your logo's baby.

Chris : Can I finish, please? To arrive to the eggs, you must cross the river, run through the battelfield area, while Chef throws you lots of different rubish objects and enter in the cave where the eggs are.

Then, you must return here with them, and be the first to cross with the eggs throught the finish line. If your egg breaks, you loose. You can try to break the other team's egg! Chris : Stop interrupting! The purple's for the Butterflies, the green's for the Dragons. Tyler : I'm sure I can do like those two! Menkhar Hobbyist General Artist.

The Enchanted River Race

Love it. Thranduil is making that river pretty enchanting indeed XD.

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Yes, indeed. FeynaSkydancer Hobbyist Artisan Crafter. I often wondered and I'm not alone in this if Thranduil was the true cause of the water's enchantment. I think so, because the curse not working to the Elves woodland realm, and event the mouth of the river run near the Hall's king. And if you think about it, it doesn't seemed to be Sauron's style. Yeah, that's bad too Yeah yeah.. Core Membership. Terms of Service. You can purchase this product on PriceCheck's Marketplace by clicking on "Buy Now" and completing the payment form. The accepted payment method is credit card.

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