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Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Share Next. Fairy Tale rewrites - sorted by Fairy Tale This is the second part of my fanatical list-making. Here I will put up the stories sorted by fairy tale they are a rewrite of. Some of the stories are child-friendly, some of them are very adult-themed.

If you are under-age, please be careful what you are going to read before selecting a story. Very well done. What if Rumpelstilskin had a hand in it? And what if a prince, a huntsman, and Red Riding Hood were trying to figure it all out? Her writing is so good, I am dying to read more by her. The castle is as much a character as the people and other creatures inhabiting it. Black and white with metallic gold or silver details, it makes the book worthwile all by itself.

My favorite part? Snow White, the heroine of the story, in full battle armor. On her journey, she meets friends and romance of her own, outwits fairies, disenchants bears and frog princes, saves Hansel and Gretel, and much more. This puts a truly sinister spin on the old fairytale. I felt for the characters as if they were my friends and I was swept into a world full of magic, bears, and all the horrors that good old regular humans brings to the table.

This never turns into a fluffy, happy read, but it does get easier. Patricia C. Snow White not being white is just one aspect that makes this so amazing. Sarah Pinborough — Poison read in December This dark and sexy retelling caught me unawares and hit all the right buttons. I was actually rooting for the Huntsman in this one… not because I disliked Snow White, just because he was a brilliant character.

She never lectures, her characters are multi-layered, and I loved Boy, Snow, and Bird equally. Helen Oyeyemi catapulted herself into my list of favorite authors with this book.

Snow-White and Rose-Red

The focus lies on both the mother and the Snow White figure, the story follows their tragic lives, filled with violence and broken dreams. I loved the writing but hated what the characters had to go through. This is not a comfort read and most definitely not for children! But apart from that, it delivers all the romance, all the action, and all the teamworky fun you could hope for. All the fairy tale characters come together and save each other while facing the evil queen Levana.

Snow-White and Rose-Red - Grimm's Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm - 62

A slow story, filled with dark moments, but with occasional moments of greatness as well. Not great, but good, and short enough to be a good addition to the overall series. Now reading it without the music and side characters and the evolving relationship between Beauty and Beast felt like a let down. I loved how flawed and believable the protagonist was, but her fickleness bothered me. However, I am very interested in what the author does next, because I loved her ideas. If she polishes her writing a bit, I see a potential fairy tale retellings star.

Books Based on Fairy Tales

Not a retelling as such, but a gorgeous story that has distinct elements of Beauty and the Beast. It turns all expectations and tropes upside down and delivers one of the most kick-ass endings ever. The protagonists are riddles to be solved, and I love them all to pieces. Read it. Sarah J.

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What sounds good turned out to be a fairly predictable novel about the undying love between a cursed fey lord and a human girl. It has potential, but for a long time, the book drags along. Then the ending is full of action.

30 Modern Twists on the Fairy Tales You Know and Love

If the YA fantasy romance tropes had been subverted even a little, I would have liked this much more. Quick-witted, practical heroines, interesting twists on old stories, mixing them up with made-up myths and legends… This Beauty and the Beast retelling has the perfect slow-burn romance, high stakes, and exactly the kind of Beauty I want to read about.

While I loved the lesbian romance between the protagonists, I felt the world building was way too ambitious for a novella. There is simply too much hinted at and not enough explanation or even hints at explanations for the world to be convincing. Excellent characters and relationships, but a rather weak plot and mediocre world-building. So just an okay read. Brigid Kemmerer — A Curse so Dark and Lonely read in A great idea with a wonderfully active heroine who has cerebral palsy and a lot of guts.

I loved the characters, I thought the curse was brilliantly dark and truly cruel. Will read the sequel! Dunkle — The Hollow Kingdom G. The Lass and her relationship to her brother Hans Peter made the book special while the rest of it sticks closely to the fairy tale it retells. Edith Pattou — East read in What a lovely retelling. Pattou builds her own beautiful world and puts her heroine Rose through a lot before she can save her prince.

Great side characters, wonderful mythology, an all-around great retelling! Characters come to life and live and breathe on every page. The smart little tidbits in parentheses reveal worlds about their personalities. Oh, and making 12 girls real and believable is a feat of strength all by itself. After reading this, I want to be friends with Jo and Lou, and go dance the Charleston until my shoes fall apart. Catherynne M. Valente — Speak Easy read in A very, very loose retelling but a brilliant story in its own right.

The Hotel Artemisia is filled with colorful inhabitants, booze, dancing, and its very own underworld… erm, I mean basement. The narration is gorgeous, the story heartbreaking what else? Tansy Rayner Roberts — Dance, Princes, Dance read in The sequel to Glass Slipper Scandal deals mostly with the original characters, but there is definitely a fairy ball happening every night. I loved the humor and the ending lines, as well as the diversity of the tales. This is a lovely and very quick read.

Also: totally suitable for small children. But in addition to a crooked man helping her, there is excellent world building, drama, wars, and a romance. I absolutely loved this and cannot recommend it enough! A good, darker retelling.