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One wrapped stitch end of each short row, stitch and wrap are held out of action until short rows are completed. When a full row is worked the wrap and the stitch are knitted together as one. All these pieces are sold as knitting kits and of course as ready-made at shows. If you're interested in purchasing a hat, scarf or wrap but you're not a knitter, just email me and I'll send some images of what stock I have in these pieces ready made.

The wave scarf below right is knitted with short rows.

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Short rows create wedges, I have knitted one left facing wedge, then 2 right facing wedges to create a horse-shoe shaped curve to the scarf. Short rows are simply incomplete rows. They have so many uses, and there are so many methods that looking at Youtube can be overwhelming. I took some shots today whilst working on a sample in a new colour of Azteca: Ruby Nights.

If you want to pick up your needles and have a try, you can use any yarn and any needles. It's garter stitch knit all rows.

Cast on 17sts. Obviously the image below shows I am part-way through the scarf, having already worked 6 wedges.

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Winter Swagger / DROPS - Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design

Above left: So with 17sts cast on work only 15sts for your first short row. The piece is garter st so knit all rows so the yarn is at the back of the work. Above centre: Bring the yarn between the needles to the front of the knitting. Above right: Slip next stitch left to right needle without working the stitch.

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Below left: Take yarn back between needles single unworked stitch on left needle. Below centre: Turn knitting to wrong side - so the single unworked stitch is now on right needle. Below right: Slip the next stitch left to right needle same stitch previously slipped. Take yarn between needles and knit to last stitch. Zig Zag edge of scarf is created by increasing stitches the end of the wrongside row - a full row. When we cast the increase stitch off we create the points of the zig zag. Work wrongside row full row until 1 stitch remains unworked. Above left: Pick up the yarn from between the stitches of the previous row.

Can you see how large this loop can be pulled leaving a hole? Above centre: Knit through the back of the loop for a firm stitch, no hole. Above right: Increase stitch completed, knit last stitch of row. Short Row Summary Row 1: K15 left 2sts unworked - we slipped and wrapped the 16th stitch, the 17th stitch was unworked on left needle. Repeat Row 1: K15sts - as we have 18sts this will leave 3sts unworked - wrap and slip the next stitch - so 2sts unworked. Beginning of next short row cast off 4sts Below left. K11 instead of 15sts. At this point it's really good to look at the stitches over the row.

Can you tell which stitches have been wrapped? You'll learn so much simply by looking at the knitting, make fewer mistakes and when you do make a mistake find fixing it so much easier! I think it took me hours to sew the finished version. Welcome to the final pattern of Curvy Month — I hope you enjoyed the larger size patterns.

Rib is the all round, easy to knit and flattering stitch — perfect for those larger figures.

It has a cute pocket on the chest, puffed sleeves and a little sailor collar. Sounds intriguing! This dress is sized to fit a 38 inch bust and 42 inch hips. This one would be a good candidate to up-size as the top has a lot of ease, and the skirt would just need extra stitches added.

Subversive Femme

Another reason the early Patons and Baldwins are some of my favourites. Check out how those cables beautifully flow into the collar — just lovely! The body is knitted in moss-stitch, with cable detail running up the sleeves and the body of the jumper. Finished size of 37 inches.

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Why not indeed? Simplicity I spotted this pocket design on a vintage pattern, and knew that it would work really well on the Smooth Sailing blouse or any blouse pattern, honestly. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. This listing is for the full pattern and tutorial to make this ca or knits.

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