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I soon realized, days later, that God was indeed listening, He was there, and He did indeed do something after all. I highly recommend listening to this song. It sure helped to remind me to check my priorities! Instead He gave me a map and a compass. Step by step He brought me out, but it took time and effort.

I slowly started working my daily time in the Word back into my schedule.

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I started praying and talking to God again. I started a new devotional that was without a doubt God-ordained to come out right at that specific time and it has been a huge help. I went back to church even though it felt weird and uncomfortable at first.

Stuck in the Wilderness - Getting Out of the Wilderness

The only way I can describe what happened in that season is spiritual warfare. Something got a hold of my unguarded soul, and dragged it into that self-inflicted wilderness from God. I subconsciously made the decision to turn away because things were hard and difficult and not going the way I had planned.

In reality, He was always there.


He had never left me. I had left Him. I had turned a deaf ear to His words by not opening my Bible and opening my heart and soul to what He had to say. I would want His plans over my own. This wilderness opened my eyes. It convicted me and pushed me to do better and more importantly, to keep growing in my spiritual life.

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  • We must keep growing and learning. I now see that the wilderness that I once thought was uncomfortable and scary ended up being a lifesaver.

    Forty Years in the Wilderness

    God saw that I was in trouble long before I did, and He knew exactly what I needed. He went into battle for me and with me. I am so thankful, grateful, and blessed to have a Father like Him, and I now I thank him for that uncomfortable season in my life. When you find yourself in a hard season, lean into it and lean into God. Do not turn from Him, rather, chase after Him like your life depends on it—because it does.

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    What to Know Before Going Into the Wilderness Alone - Passion Passport

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    But what is so horrifically awful about that which is around us today? Well, if we remove local, regional and worldwide politics from the discussion, the amount of hatred that seems to be filling every crevice of the earth these days and the current disengagement from individual and communal contribution to a better society, maybe things are not so bad after all. She cited the Ramban Nachmanides, 14th c.

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    • The Abarbanel 15th c. Ramban also brings to the table that the Mishkan Tabernacle that accompanied the Jews through their journeys was like a mobile Mt. Sinai — the most holy of places brought down to the land. In the Kuzari, 12th century philosopher and poet, Yehuda HaLevi, presents a human body metaphor of the Mishkan as the heart and the encampment as the rest of the body.

      Rabbi Atwood is one of 11 ordainees from last week who join another 32 rabbis who received the same semikhah from Rav Landes in previous years. This diverse group of serious, talented scholars shares in common leadership abilities, a commitment to living a serious and inspired Jewish life and the desire to bring the most core holiness possible to Am Yisrael and the world around us.

      Coming Out of Your Wilderness

      We thought about who was about Yashrut — Integrity, we thought about who could inspire leadership for others. That superstar jumped out at us in a walk through the shuk — a sighting of Rav Aharon Leibowitz — Leader, Scholar, Activist, Do-Gooder and we knew we had found our speaker and the inaugural Yashrut Game-Changer Award recipient. See more on this here. So how is Yashrut going to contribute to changing the game — to bringing holiness to our encampments?

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      How is Yashrut going to give a little sip of the Mishkan to those in the most arid of deserts, the most distant of wildernesses? We are going to praise and push the Torah, we are going to tackle texts that allow us to feel holiness, we are going to make the new ante, a commitment to Yashrut — to straightness, to integrity.

      We are going to provide classrooms with educators who are nothing short of awesome. We will supply the builders of the best Torah learning institutions around the world with open doors to those who crave being a Jewish people steeped in Yashrut.