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Great work, Taylor! In just Anglicans alone, and just in the last year, there have been tens of thousands of documented conversions as entire Anglican churches converted to the Catholic Church. Granted, these are small groups — but their numbers are still in the tens of thousands — certainly in the thousands! Obviously there have been many more Reformed conversions. Taylor used to keep a list of the known conversions and the last time I saw it had to have at least a hundred on it. Keep in mind that not every convert is a blogger — so the real number is doubtlessly much higher than that.

Furthermore, in the Charlotte diocese alone, in there were 2, candidates who went through RCIA. Charlotte is a small diocese. In , Charlotte ranked out of the dioceses in America. So without doing the math — the number of converts is most definitely in the thousands every single year. But in my experience, almost every one of them were.

I would say the reality is millions of protestants converts.

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I think the number is over 1,, just in the US. But many convert because they are marrying a Catholic.

Many convert because they want to send their kids to catholic schools. At least here in Canada that happens quite a bit. How many are converting based on some deep thinking? That is a much harder question.

Sometimes several reasons go into it. So it is not as simple as putting every convert in a category. The Coming Home Network might have some stats. I am not sure if they are over pastors. They may well be. I think they are at least close. Here is my web site: bbw personals — sos. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Email Address:. First Name:.

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